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Our Friday hours are: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Puppy Kitten Wellness

In an effort to bring our patients the best in medical care we are pleased to offer Puppy Kitten Wellness Plans.  These plans will help you save money, and help your pet receive the best recommended health care in their first year, while eliminating the guess work of how much each visit will cost.  These recommendations are in accordance with the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association guidelines, the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the Companion Animal Parasite Council recommendations. 

We also offer with the plan, 3 nail trims, 3 ear cleanings, 3 anal gland expressions, and 1 bag of puppy or kitten food.   

The plan includes:

  • All necessary vaccinations your pet requires as a puppy or kitten
  • All routine fecal parasite testing
  • All routine parasite preventatives, including initial deworming, heartworm preventatives, flea preventatives.
  • Blood tests to screen for Heartworm and Tick diseases in dogs, and two important life-threatening feline viruses (feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus) in cats.
  • Blood tests to assess the health of the kidneys, liver, blood sugar, protein levels and blood cell counts, especially important prior to anesthesia for spaying and neutering your pet
  • Microchip implantation and registration to help your pet get home if lost
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Intravenous Fluids at the time of spay or neuter surgery to promote faster recovery time, improved blood pressure, and improved emergency response time. 

If you are interested, please call us at 905-372-2721 for more information!