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Our Friday hours are: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Adult Wellness Plans

Great news!  Our puppy & kitten wellness plans have been so popular we have decided to continue with adult pet wellness plans.  This helps take the budgeting and the guess-work out of annual veterinary fees for all of us.

The Wellness plans all include:

·        An annual physical examination & consultation

·        All necessary vaccinations

·        Bloodwork (kidneys, liver, blood cells, protein, sugar, calcium)

·        Urinalysis

·        Fecal testing for parasites

·        6 months of summer parasite protection

·        For Dogs – Heartworm and Tick disease test

·        Blood collection and shipping on the laboratory work (that’s a $50 saving!)

*The Senior Wellness plan includes a larger blood profile that also checks thyroid function.

There are also DENTAL Wellness plans to help you budget for that important oral hygiene procedure.  They include the same services as our regular Wellness plans with the addition of a full oral exam & dental clean & polish under general anesthesia.  The dentistry also includes intravenous fluids administration to help ensure anesthetic safety, and antibiotic therapy.   (Note: extractions or other oral surgical procedures are not included in the plan.)